LIVCLO - Your Home Organiser

More Space For Living

Imagine an ideal home organizer. Where all you need is well within reach in one smart, compartmentalised storage space.

Created exclusively for Seaside Residences, LIVCLO multitasks as a "Living Closet" in your living room. Here, a motion sensor light automatically illuminates when the doors are opened, and this well-designed storage space allows you to keep things tidy by categorising items by purpose and daily use. With its spacious layout and optimal line of sight stacking, accessing everything is now easy and fuss-free.

Giving you additional space, form and function, LIVCLO allows you even more time and freedom to focus on the real priorities in life - enjoying your new seaside home.

LIVCLO - Your Home Organiser
  1. Shelves can hold roughly 30 pairs of shoes
  2. Door hooks for rackets, umbrellas, brooms and more
  3. Item racks for cleaning and home maintenance supplies
  4. Room to accommodate a variety of large items
  5. Store your luggage in between trips
  6. Boxes for bulky winter clothing
  7. Organise your hobby supplies, collectibles, memorabilia and toys
  8. Four-rung ladder, folding chair and ironing board
  9. Plug in or charge your appliances at the electrical outlet
  10. Space for your vacuum cleaner and tool boxes


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